Soya TVP Natural

Soya TVP (Natural), also known as textured soya protein, soya mince, soya meat or soya chunks is made from extrusion of high PDI de-oiled soya flour. High PDI de-oiled soya flour is heated to 125°C to 150°C at high pressure which denatures it into a fibrous, insoluble, porous network that can soak up, as much as more than three times of its weight in fluids. As the pressurized molten protein mixture exits the extruder, the sudden drop in pressure causes rapid expansion into puffy solid that is then dried. It is available in various shapes like mince, flakes, granules, chunks, nuggets, steaks and in various sizes and colours.

Functional/Nutritional Propertiesof Soy TVP Natural:

  • High protein and dietary fibres
  • High water absorption power (350±25)
  • Bland taste and odour
  • Lower breakage of finished products
  • Lower cook shrinkage
  • Delaying of fat and water separation
  • Retention of meat juices
  • Meat binder and meat extender

Soy TVP (Natural) Applications:

  • Canned meat, beef burgers, hamburgers, beef and chicken patties, sausages, frankfurters, dumplings, mortadella, meat balls, meat rolls, salisbury steak, taco fillings, ground kebabs, tortillas, meat alternatives and mock meats, pizza toppings, veg. Patties.

Soy TVP (Natural) Technical Information:

  • Protein: Min. 56% (on moisture-free basis)
  • Fat: Max. 1.2%
  • Fibre: Max. 3.5%
  • Moisture: Max. 8%
  • Sand/Silica: Max. 0.3%

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