Soya Protein Untoasted

Soya Protein Untoasted

Soya Protein Untoasted

Untoasted soya protein flour and flakes are made using only the high-quality Indian non-GMO soybeans. From the soybean capital of India, Sonic Biochem is a renowned soy products manufacturer and supplier to a myriad of local, national & global brands. You can include untoasted soya protein without any worries and be proud of being absolutely china-free.

We understand the importance of aquaculture and how much important it is to nourish your aquatics in a proper & cost-effective way. The protein content is kept in higher quantities in our untoasted soya protein flour and flakes. The energy that they deliver is noted to be higher than the similar protein source products available in the market from other manufacturers.

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Untoasted Soya Protein is Full of Nutrients

Apart from being rich in quality proteins, they also contain fatty acids, magnesium, fibre, folic acid, iron, calcium, lecithin, thiamin, riboflavin in substantial quantities.

Health Benefits from Untoasted Soya Protein

Untoasted Soya Protein flour and flakes carry several healthy & beneficial nutrients. They help in pharmaceuticals at-large as they are immensely aiding in the treatment and preventive care of cancer, bone health, high cholesterol, and heart ailments.

Untoasted Soy Protein Used in a Variety of Applications

Soy flour and flakes are well-known for their high nutritional content values. They are mixed with a lot of edibles to increase the quality of foods. They don’t just increase the level of dietary elements but also enhance colour, aroma and texture of food items.

They can be fed or included in aquaculture feeds in their originally bought form. For human consumption, they can be further heat-treated to improve the characteristics as mentioned above. Unconditioned soy protein has a very high water absorption rate, making it a suitable ingredient for bakery dough applications.

You can buy untoasted soy protein flour and flakes for your aquaculture feed without worrying about feeding them excessive nutrients or keeping them under nourished. Please feel free to connect to us and discuss any purchase queries at (Worldwide) or (Indiawide)

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