Soya Protein Toasted

Soya Protein Toasted – Low PDI

Soya Protein Toasted – Low PDI

Toasted soy protein flour and flakes by Sonic Biochem are high protein products. The soybeans for these protein products are procured only from selected quality premium Indian non-GMO soyabean seeds. You can have absolutely china-free now with this Indian product.

Our toasted soy protein flour and flakes have been tested and proven to have high energy values compared with other similar protein sources. The amino acid in these toasted soya proteins is much higher for better digestibility of your fishes and animals. The protein is as much as 50-52% in it, making it the most appropriate choice to include in your animal feed product.

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Toasted Soy Protein is a Rich Source of Healthy Nutrients

Sonic Biochem takes pride in its stringent manufacturing technology, which retains a tremendous amount of iron, calcium, vitamins, and other minerals. Consistent usage of our toasted soy protein in various feed formulations can give animals excellent health and growth.

Their muscles grow better, and their immunity to diseases will also be much better. We can accommodate the client requisites to alter the product specifications for better results in the desired values.

Toasted Soy Protein is Used for a Widespread Purposes

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of toasted soy protein flour and flakes to an enormous audience selection. From local farmers to large industrial conglomerates, there are a lot of leading brands that trust in the quality and excellence of Sonic Biochem. It is an excellent choice for poultry feed.

The year-long availability of toasted soy protein flour and flakes with the same characteristics at Sonic ensures you about the prolonged health of your hen, swine, fish, shrimp, and other animals. We make sure to properly toast the soyabean to a specific amount in a climate-controlled facility equipped with all kinds of modern technology to maintain the features.

You can buy toasted soy protein flour and flakes for your animal feed without worrying about feeding them excessive nutrients or keeping them under nourished. Please feel free to connect to us and discuss any purchase queries at (Worldwide) or (Indiawide)

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