Soya Protein Feed

Soy Protein Ingredients for Feed Industry

Sonic Biochem is a manufacturer supplying soy ingredients for various animal feed formulations & replacers such as shrimp, fish, swine (pig), cow, and many others. Our animal feed ingredients are made up of extremely high quality and made available at the most competitive prices. Our soy animal feed ingredient range is the most appropriate choice for various kinds of breeding and fattening stock purposes.

We take pride in the fact that we supply quality raw material as feed ingredients and replacers to nationwide farmers, from small sheds to large industrial farms, zoos, and healthcare facilities for a myriad of applications. Sonic Biochem has a manufacturing facility fully approved by compliant regulatory authorities.

Soya Protein Feed Categories

Best Suited Animal Feed Replacer by Sonic Biochem

Sonic Biochem is a leading manufacturer of premium quality nutritional animal feed ingredients for nourishing young and infant animals. Milk replacers are pretty helpful when it comes to feeding the animals with specific nutrients thru such low cost formulations having same or superior nutritional profile.

Large industrial farms need animal products with specific features. Our soya protein concentrate is widely accepted across the animal husbandry industry for various animal feed applications to achieve desired characteristics. We offer various kinds of de-oiled soy protein feeds in toasted and untoasted form.

Feed Different Animals with Ample Nutrition

You can feed your calves, lambs, kid-goats, piglets, and an entire range of pets and aqua creatures with our animal feed replacer. It can be provided as milk replacer or vegetable protein based products. We are committed to bring in top-notch digestibility and superior / enhanced animal-growth performance with our soybean meal feed ingredient products constantly backed by our world-class manufacturing facilities & nutritional research.

Maximize your ROI with Sonic Biochem

Whether you own just a few animals or an entire animal farm, you can trust our soy products for animal feed. You can see your lovely livestock and pets grow bigger, healthier, and better than the average young animal of the same age. You can use our soybean meal feed ingredients to increase the productivity of your animals and get more profits per sales.

For any inquiries to buy soy animal feed ingredients from Sonic Biochem, please write to us at (Worldwide) or (Indiawide).

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