Soya Protein Concentrate – Feed

Soya Protein Concentrate – Feedis made by extracting soluble carbohydrates and anti-nutritional factors (ANFs), from high PDI de-oiled flakes. SPC has nutritional qualities that makes it ideal to use innutrients – denseshrimp feed, fish feed and aqua feed for marine fish and shrimp. It is important for aquaculture industries as a “PROTEIN ALTERNATIVE TO FISHMEAL”. Many aquaculture species require high levels of protein in their diets with low ANFs and hence, SPC is the most suitable ingredient for the same.

Anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) have been documented to cause gastrointestinal disturbances, intestinal damage, increased disease susceptibility and reduced performance in some aquatic species. Soya Protein Concentrate is then thermally processed to further reduce ANFs and produce feed grade soy protein concentrate. (SPC).

Research indicates that soy protein concentrate is a high-quality plant-protein product for use in aqua feed &fish feed as a replacement of fish meal. Many shrimp and fish feed manufacturers are now using SPC because of its inherent productive advantages

Soy Protein Concentrate Feed – Functional / Nutritional Properties:

  • Protein level of SPC is higher than fishmeal
  • SPC has protein and energy digestibility similar to fishmeal and much higher than soyabean meal (protein digestibility of 96-97% has been measured)
  • SSPC has amino acid levels equal to or greater than fishmeal with exception of methionine and lysine
  • Soya antigens i.e. glycinin and R-conglycinin are denatured during the manufacturing of SPC
  • Indigestible and harmful carbohydrates (oligosaccharides-sucrose, raffinose, stachyose) are extracted out during processing
  • Nitrogen-Free Extract (NFE) + cellulose is significantly less in SPC as compared to SBM.

Sonic Biochem is the leading manufacturer of Soy Protein Concentrate Feed. For further techno-commercial info, please contact (for inquiries outside India) and (for inquiries within India)

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