Soy Lecithins

Soy Lecithins

Soy lecithin is a food additive sourced principally through soy. Soy lecithin emulsifier is the most common application known, but the next common uses are antioxidant and flavor protectors, both in food item preparations.

A wide range of regular food items contains soy lecithin such as bread, ice creams, infant products, dairy products, and some convenience food.

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Safe for Allergies

People allergic to soybean can cheer up as soy lecithin contains such a negligible amount of allergens that cause no harm to the consumer eating any food items containing it. From chocolate to burgers, wherever you use them, you can rest assured of the safety of your customers.

Great to Emulsify and Stable food solutions

The phospholipids that are the primary component of soy lecithins are partially hydrophobic (water-repellant) and partially hydrophilic (water-affectionate). Their property to absorb both water and oil, and mix well makes them suitable for a viscosity modifier, aerating agent, dispersant and lubricant.

Multipurpose Usage

Manufacturers can buy soy lecithin in bulk from Sonic, as this product is entirely non-perishable. This soy lecithin serves as an excellent emulsifier by forming a stable solution of two or more unmixable substances. The surface tension helps manufacturers to create heterogeneous dispersion for a variety of applications such as:

Gravies & Sauces

Organic Soy Lecithin Powder improves product consistency and taste at a reduced cost.

Meat Substitute

Non-GMO Soy Lecithin Powder Helps in replenishing the nutrient need and keeps the product tasteful.


Organic Soy Lecithin in Protein Powder serves as a great natural nutrient.

Low-Fat Dressings

Non-GMO Soy Lecithin Powder quickly emulsifies polysorbates, mono- and di-glycerides resulting in better viscosity.

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