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Soy Flakes

Soy FlakesSoybean flakes are made with only 100% Non-GMO soya bean seeds. At Sonic, soy protein flakes are processed through cracking, dehulling, flaking, extracting, desolventizing, and toasting to getting yellowish-cream colored flakes. Professionals do each process in a clean and controlled surrounding.

Our soyabean flakes are roasted to make them low in fat and high in protein. The 50% protein content makes them an excellent selection to include in your food product. Our soy flakes are rich in other nutrients such as Iron, Calcium, and B-vitamin.

Popular Soy Flakes Products

Soybean flakes for diverse applications

We ensure maintaining the necessary balance of essential amino acids to make our soybean flakes the best-suited raw material for preparing any food item. You can use them in soya sauce, food preparations, pharmaceutical preparation, drink mixes, weaning foods, meat sausages, calf milk replacement, and fermentation media.

Multipurpose Soya protein flakes

There are several properties and characteristics of soya bean flakes that we often alter to facilitate our clients for using them in their products. From taste to nutritional values, you can procure quality soy bean flakes for multifarious purposes such as thickening, emulsification, dispersibility, and water binding.

Including Sonic’s soy flakes enriches meal protein levels to unprecedented values. Whether your customers target to tone their muscles or perfect their bodies, our 100% non-GMO soy protein flakes will work wonder. No genetic engineering and unhealthy nutrient content help keep your consumers safe from any side effects despite large amounts of consumption.

We do not import soyabean from multiple sources. We buy soybean from an authentic source and it is grown in nutrient-rich soil. Our agricultural experts entirely monitor the yield at each stage. Our soy protein flakes are manufactured to serve and meet the highest quality expectations.

Sonic Biochem is a leading manufacturer and supplier of soy flakes. You can buy soybean flakes to increase and improve the nutrient content of your food products. For any purchase inquiries, please email us (Worldwide) or (Indiawide)

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