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Research and Development is what fuels growth at Sonic. It is all about raising relevant queries and upgrading our knowledge that keep pushing our limits and boundaries.We encourage innovation and thinking. We firmly believe in the development of Products, Processes & People. With our passion and perseverance, today we are the largest producers of the widest range of Soya Proteins and Soya and Sunflower Lecithins in Asia. We take pride in being a company that has introduced several soya products for the first time in India with indigenously developed technology. Our passion for innovation has won us several patents for developing functional Soya Proteins, Lecithins & Phospholipids. We are continuously adding new products to our range through advanced research in products, processes and application development.

Our R & D department, recognised by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India, constantly works towards innovating and improving the existing product range. A dedicated team of highly-skilled researchers and an advisory panel of national and international experts, always ensure that we as a company never cease our innovative streak and strive towards delivering value to customers across the globe.

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