SOYA PHOSPHATIDYL CHOLINE – 35 Enquiry specification

Soya Phosphatidylcholine-35 is a reddish brown viscous liquid and compound of fractionated soybean lecithin and soybean oil with enriched phospphatidyl chorine content. It is a mixture Non polar (triglycerides) and polar (Phosphor & Glyco-) Lipids.

Applications:- An Essential Nutrient, physiological precursor of acetycholine-An important neurotransmitter Lipotropic & Antinecrotic Agent, used in treatment of Atherosvclerosis. Used in various degenerative nervous disorders related to deficiency of cholinergic neuransmission. A nutrient & Diary supplement used in pharma products in softballs, protein drinks and formulations.

Packaging:- 25 Kg Aluminum/plastic canes.

Storage conditions/Keeping Quality:- In the original packing lecicjomax-35 can be stored for 12 months at a temp. below 25 C from the date of manufacticturing in unopened original container. The “best Used Before” date printed on the lable. Recluse immediately after opening as material is sensitive to light. Store in coll, dry and infestation free place. Avoidexposure

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