SOYA LECITHIN INDUSTRIAL Enquiry specification

Lecithin is naturally occuring group of phospholipids found in nearly every living cell. It is a vital, multifunctional, active substance used in manufacturing a variety of Food products, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and Animal feeds among other wide ranging applications. It is used for its wide functional, Nutritional and therapeutic properties. Lecithin is natural dietary source of Essential Phospholipids–valuable nutrients viz Phosphatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine, Phosphatidyl Inositol & Phosphatidyl Serine. These phospholipids are building blocks of life and are vital for healthy function of every cell membrane in the body

Application :-

Industrial grade Soya Lecithin liquid is used in Printing Ink, Premier Paints, Water based paints, Latex Based Paints, Coatings, Audio Video Tapes, Paper Industries, Plastics Industries, Motor Lubricants, Gasoline, Textile, Rubber Industry, leather Tanning, offshore drilling Industries and in Emulsion Explosives.


It is used as Natural Emulsifier, Wetting agent, Stabilizing agent, Viscosity Reducing agent, Anti-spattering agent, Mixing & Blending agent, Release agent, Conditioning, Lipotropic, Surface Active Agent.


In Paints Industry : Paint manufacturers are using soya lecithin as water proofing agent, making stable emulsion in oil paint & water paint, aid in pigmentation covering power and brushing, anti-flooding agent, anti-caking agent, anti-sagging agent, dispersing agent, low cost pigment grinding agent, slip and release agent, thickening agent, Increase spreading capacity, corrosion inhibitor, flow control agent

Our Industrial grade soya lecithin creates proper Emulsification of Batches and Synthetic Enamel Paints never spread hence at the time of use it easily creates smoothness.

In paint Industry the amount of lecithin to use may vary depending on the type of pigment. Generally, 1% of the pigment weight is sufficient. However, in formulas with large surface area pigments (carbon black, iron blue, etc.) up to 4% of the pigment weight may be required. The lecithin should be dispersed in the vehicle and used in the pigment grinding and dispersion stage. In this method, the pigment is ground with 20-30% of the vehicle which contains the lecithin. This grinding slurry is milled for a predetermined time (usually 30-60 minutes), after which the remainder of the grinding vehicle is added and milling continued until complete. Lecithin is used at the stage of grinding.

Soya Lecithin Industrial Grade, which is a rust inhibitor in primer paints. These are known for maintaining uniform mixture in both alkyol and latex paints, with high level of uniform color stability and also aid in the fast dispersion of latex based paints. Extremely easy to mix with the use of brush, wherein if more than one pigment is used also helps to maintain uniform mixture. Further, Soya Lecithin (Paint Grade) also eases the grinding of metal oxide pigments and rubber vehicle based formulations of uniform color can be also be made that prevents hard settling of pigments eliminates flocculation in water based paints.





0.5 – 5% of pigment

As Antioxidant

Polyvinyl Acetate Based Paints

0.5% pigment

As Colour Wetting and Dispersing Agent

Carbon black or iron blue based formulations

Up to 4% pigment

Stabilizing Suspending


Ink Industry : The highly effective range of Soya Ink Grade offered by us eases the grinding remixing, intensifies color. Formulated suing quality ingredients, these are useful for removing offset and printing ink, works as a toner for photocopying, in photosensitive agents. Also useful for making positive & negative photographic images and also for correcting typewriter errors. Excellent dispersing aids in oil soluble photographic additive sheets for transferring colors.




Printing Ink

0.3% - 3% of Pigment

Improves colour, Intensifier, Surfactant, Suspending Agent, Stabilizing Agent



Intensifier, Surfactant, Suspending Agent, Stabilizing Agent

Lithographic Prints

1% of Pigment

Wetting Agent

Printing Circuit


Dispersing Agent

Emulsion Explosive Industry : Our Industrial Grade Soya Lecithin is known for their high purity, low acidity value & low viscosity and ensure to improve the quality of emulsion explosive product. To improve the long term storage stability of emulsion explosives, emulsion stabilizers are added to emulsion explosives. These stabilizers together with emulsifier are dissolved in oil phase prior to emulsification. Commonly used emulsion stabilizers are phosphatide compunds like soya lecithin. Addition of about 0.5% to 1% of soya lecithin improves the long term storage stability of emulsion explosives.

Leather Industry : We are offering a high-end quality of Soya Lecithin to Leather Industry. It is used to soften the leather and also as an emulsifier at the time of fat liquoring step to aid fat penetration of the leather. Our Soya Lecithin is heat-resistant, which helps to reduce the darkening effect of sunlight on leather susceptible to that color change, ensuring excellent shining of the leather.


· Due to high fat the fat liquor quality will be increase

· The low acid value reduces 25% of leather softening time and improves the shining of leather

· Softening time reduces the production cost

· Its low viscosity does not give any spotting in leather



1. Printing Inks, Paints & other - Emulsifying, wetting & dispersing surface coating agent.

2. Rubber-Accelerating, Disbursing Softening agents.

3. Resins & Plastics- Mould Lubricant.

4. Paper Manufacture- Deloanming agent.

Packing & Storage :- 200 kg MS/HDPE Drums / 1MT IBC's / ISO Tanks.

Storage & Shelf Life:- 118 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in unopened original packing Should be kept in cool & dry conditions. Avoid exposure to Moisture, heat & light..

Particle Size: -.

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