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Description : Soya Lecithin Powder is made from Non-GMO soyabeans & is a light cream coloured powder with characteristic odour. Lecithin is a naturally occuring group of phospholipids found in nearly every living cell. It is a vital, multifunctional, active substance used in manufacturing a variety of food products, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare and animal feeds among other wide ranging applications. It is used for its wide functional, Nutritional and therapeutic properties. Lecithin is natural dietary source of Essential Phospholipids viz Phosphatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl ethanolamine, Phosphatidyl inositol & Phosphatidyl serine. These phospholipids are the building blocks of life and are vital for healthy function of every cell membrane in the body.

Application :-

In instant Drink Mixes, Non Dairy Creams, Whole Milk Powders, Meat Souces and Gravies, Cheese, Sauces, Bakery Goods, Pasta, Chewing Gums, Chocolate /Cocoa, Frostings, Granola Bars, Low fat Cookies & Crackers, Fat Fillings, Peanut Butter, Ready Meals, Soups, Canned Products, Creams, as an instantiniser, as a Release Agent, In Salad Dressing, Medical, Dietery, Instant and Dehydrated Foods etc.


In Food Industries : Soya Lecithin is used as Natural Emulsifer, Wetting agent Dispersing Agent, Stabilizing agent, Viscosity Reducing Agent, Antispattering Agent, Mixing & Blending agent, Release Agent, Conditioning, Lipotropic, Surface Active Agent and as an Emollient and Antioxidant as well. Recommed dosage is give below :




Backed goods

0.25 – 0.5%

Granola Bars, Chocolate, Cocoa, Meat Products, Sauces & Gravies

0.2 – 0.5%

Milk Powder, Non Dairy Creams

0.5 to 3.0%


1 – 3%

Cookies & Crakes

0.1 to 0.3%

Cheese & Sauses

3 – 5%

Chewing Gums

0.5 – 1%

Whole Milk Powders

0.2 – 1 %


In Cosmetic Industries : Lecithin adds to Suppleness, Penetration, Lather Stability, Better Distribution, Skin protection and care. It is a good antioxidant since it chelating ability enables it to combat complex heavy metals. Lecithin increases respiration capacity of the skin. Usage level is 0.5% to 2.0%. Lecithin being surface active agents, lower surface and inter facial tensions and increase the tendency of their solutions to spread. Cell membrane consists of a lipoprotein whose lipid fraction consists mainly of lecithin. Lecithin increases the rate of respiration of the skin, regulates the exchange of cell material and has a effect on the pH value of the acid sheath of the skin. Accordingly it protects the skin against a too severe extractions of the lipids. The high content of essential fatty acids - about 75 % of its fatty acids and linoleic or linolenic acid is important in the treatment of skin diseases and eczema.


In Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Industries : Lecithin is natural dietary source of Essential Phospholipids - the valuable nutrients viz Phosphatidyl Choline, Phosphatidyl Ethanolamine, Phosphatidyl Inositol & Phosphatidyl Serine. These phospholipids are the building blocks of life and are vital for healthy function of every cell membrane in body. Lecithin provides prophylaxis against cardiac disorders, arteriosclerosis & help maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Lecithin and its components provide nutritional support for the brain function. They boost capacity to work, memory, counteract depression, dementia & protect brain cells from decay. In Liver, lecithin metabolizes clogging fat and reduce the chance of liver degeneration. In the intestinal tract, lecithin helps the absorption of vitamins A and D

Packing & Storage :- 2 x 10 kg 5 layer bags packed in 20 kg cartons.. .

Storage & Shelf Life:- 18 months from the date of manufacturing when stored in unopened original packing at less than 25 o C. Should be kept in cool & dry conditions below 25 o C, Avoid exposure to Moisture, heat & light..

Particle Size: .

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