Years of dedicated studies and research have proven Soya to be a "Wonder Food". Soya and its derived vegetal products have many qualities that render it as a much healthier substitute to meat products. Not only is it easily assimilated in the body, it also provides all the essential Amino Acids. As per the current Dietary Guidelines, one must cut down on Saturated Fatty Acids (SFA), and increase intake of fibre. Animal Protein, according to research, has come to be associated with fat rich in SFA. At the same time, Soya is rich in fibre and low in SFA, and hence is the ideal source of Protein for humans, as well as animals.

JEM SOYA TEXMAX is a High Protein and High Dietary Fibre product and used as meat / beef / chicken substitute. It is made from Non-GMO SOYA PROTEIN CONCENTRATE (65-70% Protein on moisture free basis).

JEM SOYA TEXMAX is available in variety of sizes, shapes and colours to suit all customer applications and satisfy the needs of all food processors. JEM SOYA TEXMAX is high in nutrients and is an excellent source of Protein and dietary fibre. It has high water absorption capacity and provides excellent texture. JEM SOYA TEXMAX is Low in Total Fat, Saturated Fat and Anti Nutritional Factors associated with complex carbohydrates. It contains no Cholesterol / Lactose / Casein, and has Low Calorific Value.

These functional characteristics of JEM SOYA TEXMAX have made it the best option for Meat / Beef / Chicken Processors. They use our JEM SOYA TEXMAX as Meat Replacer, Meat Extender & as Meat Binder in their products. JEM SOYA TEXMAX adds protein and texture to meat products and extends all kinds of meat products hence, it can be used in Oriental Food, Canned Food (meat & beef), Burger, Hamburger, Sausages / Frankfurters, Tuna Salad, restructured Fish, Poultry Products etc.

JEM SOYA TEXMAX absorbs natural juices released by meat during cooking, while retaining structural properties during heat processing and freezing. Addition of JEM SOYA TEXMAX significantly reduces the caloric content of meat products

Application :-

Suitable JEM SOYA TEXMAX for different Meat Applications :

JEM SOYA TEXMAX (PROTEIN MIN 65-70% on moisture free basis)

Application Product Colour Shape Through Min Through Max
  GNPC 13     ASTM6 (3.35mm) 90.00% ASTM16 (1.18mm) 40.00%
Meat & Chicken GNPC 25 Natural Minced ASTM5 (4.76mm) 90.00% ASTM10 (2.00mm) 20.00%
  GNPC 37     7mm 90.00% 3mm 30.00%
  GCLPC 13     ASTM6 (3.35mm) 90.00% ASTM16 (1.18mm) 40.00%
Beef & Meat GCLPC 25 Caramel Light Minced ASTM5 (4.76mm) 90.00% ASTM10 (2.00mm) 20.00%
  GCLPC 37     7mm 90.00% 3mm 30.00%
  GRPC 13     ASTM6 (3.35mm) 90.00% ASTM16 (1.18mm) 40.00%
Beef, Pork & Meat GRPC 25 Red Flakes ASTM5 (4.76mm) 90.00% ASTM10 (2.00mm) 20.00%
  GRPC 37     7mm 90.00% 3mm 30.00%

SPECIFICATIONS : JEM SOYA TEXMAX (PROTEIN MIN 65-70% on moisture free basis)

Typical Analysis Specifications Microbial Analysis Specifications
Protein (NX6.25) (MFB) 65-70% Min Total Bacterial Count (cfu/gm) 20000 Max
Fat 1% Max Coliforms (cfu/gm) 10 Max
Moisture 8% Max E.Coli (cfu/gm) Nil
Crude Fibre 3.5% Max Yeast & Moulds (cfu/gm) 100 Max
Sand & Silica 0.3% Max Salmonella (cfu / 25gm) Negative
Urease Activity 0.1 mgn Max    
WAP 425 ± 25    
Total Ash 7% Max    
Bulk Density 0.270 – 0.330 gm/ml    
Calories (per 100 gms) 362.1 Kcal    


Packing & Storage :- 20KG Multiwalled Paper Bags with separate inner liner.

Storage & Shelf Life:- 18 Months from the date of manufacturing. Store in clean dry and infestation free conditions..

Particle Size: .

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