Sonic Biochem Extractions Limited is a leading global player in specialty Soya Proteins and Soya Lecithin's. We provide solutions to various international food, meat and nutritional product manufacturers through innovation and best quality. Out innovative and economical products deliver an excellent combination of functional, nutritional properties and value for money to our customers.

JEM NUTRIMAX, an innovative breakthrough in the field of research and development, Sonic's continuous endeavor to introduce high-quality product, and a blessing for all those manufacturers who have been seeking for an all-in-one and most economical protein solution to be provided by an Indian manufacturer.

JEM NUTRIMAX, one product that will meet all of your protein needs, made from the richest source of protein i.e. Indian Non-GMO Soyabeans. JEM NUTRIMAX is a multi purpose Soya Protein Concentrate, which is manufactured by removing complex carbohydrates and other anti-nutritional factors associated with soya and thereby concentrating the easily digestible and safe protein fraction in the finished product, which is having protein level between 65% to 70% on moisture free basis.

JEM NUTRIMAX is a highly nutritional source of protein. It has high water absorption capacity, binding, fat absorption, protein network formation and structure enhancing ability. It's optimum dietary fibre content makes it easy to digest. Exhibiting better nutritional balance as compared to milk proteins. Nutrimax contains all the 9 essential amino acids required to stay healthy.

JEM NUTRIMAX is a product of a reputed Sonic Biochem Extractions Limited, supplying products to global companies since long. The stringent in-house process and external quality certificates assure 100% safe and healthy products for our everlasting business associates.


JEM NUTRIMAX FOR MEAT PROCESSORS : Provides stable and superior fat emulsion, higher water absorption, higher binding capacity, good dispersion, low viscosity, high protein content and improves product yield ratio along with process tolerance to all meat processors. Widely used by sausages, frankfurters, canned meat, ham, roast beef, poultry, non-meat vegetarian analogue manufacturers.


JEM NUTRIMAX (Soya Protein Concentrate 65-70% Protein on dry basis), for meat & food processing industry. We are regularly supplying to various meat processors internationally. They are consuming our product for manufacturing sausages, meat balls, chicken patty, canned meat etc as our JEM NUTRIMAX is giving excellent results while making fat emulsion of 1:3:3 (Nutrimax:Oil:Water). Earlier meat processors were using costly soya protein isolate but now they are replacing costly soya protein isolate by our most economical JEM NUTRIMAX




Nutrimax is a Soya Protein Concentrate having 65-70% protein (on dry basis), that provides texture and emulsion stability to a variety of meat systems. With its high viscosity and solubility, JEM NUTRIMAX hydrates rapidly and forms heat stable emulsions. JEM NUTRIMAX emulsifies fat and moisture and contributes to a firm finished product texture. JEM NUTRIMAX can be added to meat systems in one of the three ways :


1. Pre hydrated gel (1:3)

2. Dry addition

3. Fat Emulsion (1:3:3)


JEM NUTRIMAX is backed by the SONIC BIOCHEM's food safety program and is guaranteed to deliver safety, consistency and performance. JEM NUTRIMAX can be used to create a stable fat emulsion which is then incorporated into the processed meat products. Using a fat emulsion enhances the stability of the final product in which the fat emulsion has been used as there is little chance of fat separation occurring.




WATER : 3.000KG

FAT : 3.000KG


1. Add water to bowl cutter and while running at slow speed, add the JEM NUTRIMAX to the water.

2. Once all the JEM NUTRIMAX has been added, run the cutter at high speed for 2-3 minutes or until smooth.

3. Stop the cutter and open the hood to scrap off any dry JEM NUTRIMAX that may be sticking there. Add it back to the cutter.

4. Run the cutter at slow speed and add the "partial quantities" of per-minced fat. Slowly and evenly distributed.

5. Once all the fat has been added run the cutter at high speed for further 2-3 minutes or until smooth and glossy.

6. Remove the fat emulsion from the cutter and place in a cold room. Ensure good airflow to speed up the cooling of the fat emulsion.

7. Use fat emulsion after proper cooling.


You will find the best and stable emulsion from our NUTRIMAX, which can be used by meat processors.


EXTRUDED AND TEXTURED FORM OF JEM NUTRIMAX i.e. JEM SOYA TEXMAX is also an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre. It is low in fat, calories and has no cholesterol. When fresh, chilled, frozen, canned or used in dehydrated instant meals, it gives excellent results.


Functional Advantages

Provides superior fat emulsification – To ensure there is no fat separation.

Exceptional emulsion stabilization – Prevent separation of water and oil/fat.

Excellent water absorption / binding capacity – Helps in maintaining moisture.

Process tolerance – Easy to use.

Application :-


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