Phospholipids are the main component of the cell membrane. They are a type of lipid molecule. They contain vitamins, fats, and some other nutrients. Phospholipids consist of fatty acids from two groups, phosphate group and glycerol molecule. Beyond a specific amount, the accumulation of phospholipids forms a double layer, characterizing a cell membrane.

Phospholipids are helpful as they are both hydrophilic and hydrophobic. The phosphate group elements are water-soluble, whereas fatty acids are water-insoluble. In a water solution, the water-soluble and insoluble components form the layer in such a way that a cell membrane is formed.

Phosphatidyl Categories

The functionality of Phospholipids in the Human Body

The cell membranes are semi-permeable or selectively permeable. They allow only specific molecules to pass through them. As a result, you can include our phospholipids in your food items and let them absorb easily with the fat. Oxygen can also pass through the cell membrane, allowing the cell content to work correctly by separating the cell’s interior from the outside environment.

Phospholipids can be easily broken into cells and energy. They can also be reduced to smaller sizes to get smaller molecules of chemokines. Chemokines are helpful in regulating the production of proteins, cell migration to different body parts, and other variety of functions. They are also found in some body parts, such as lungs and joints, where they act as lubricating substances.

LecichoMax 300 and LecichoMax 400 are our two phospholipid variants that helps in lowering the cholesterol levels from tissues and arteries. They are also helpful in preventing liver cell damage, reduce fibrosis and cell death from drugs, alcohols and toxins.

The functionality of Phospholipids in Pharmaceuticals

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The functionality of Phospholipids in the Food Industry

You can use phospholipids such as LecichoMax 350 by Sonic in assorted nutrient and dietary supplements. It helps in preventing and treating cardiac, liver and neurological disorders. They help as an emulsifier by dispersing oil droplets in a water solution. You can easily dissolve your fat-containing substances with our high phospholipid concentrated content.

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