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Organic Soy ingredients for food & feeding

Organic Soy ingredients for food & feedingOrganic soy ingredients by Sonic Biochem are made from non-GMO organic soybeans grown through organic agricultural practices. Wastes from plants and animals and nitrogen-fixing crops are used to derive pest controllers and fertilizers.

Organic farming is a widespread practice that promotes the usage of more ecological favouring techniques and processes and discarding any product that is procured with non-organic methods.

At Sonic, our entire range of organic soy ingredients is made without any synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, or bioengineered genes (GMOs).

Our range includes:

  • Organic Soy Meal
  • Organic Soy Oil
  • Organic Low Fat Soy Flour
  • Organic Full Fat Soy Flour
  • Organic Full Fat Soy Grits, and
  • Organic Soy TVP (in the future)

Our organic soy food products are one of the most in-demand products steadily for a couple of years now. While they reduce the harmful effects on the environment, the consumers have also shared feedback suggesting various health benefits.

Organic Products Certified for Excellence

Production of organic products requires some certification and approvals from concerning government authorities. These authorities have a well-defined framework for qualifying any organic product manufacturer. Everything from the material to process to human resources is assessed. All of the practices need to qualify the set standards to earn a certain level of certification.

Sonic maintains the best standards in all of its operations. And hence is qualified and certified for large-scale production and export of organic soy ingredients.

Why are Non-GMO Organic Soybeans Better?

There’s an enormous impact on how food is grown on the mentality of people. First and foremost, as a product manufacturer, you win the more significant market share by just adding the word “organic” to your brand food.

Next comes a myriad of marketing benefits such as brand acceptance, brand trust, brand loyalty, brand value, brand perception, and many more. When you buy from Sonic, you get 100% organic assurance. Our quality will attract all of the above mentioned, and you will need to invest lesser in your marketing.

Our organic soy ingredients features such as pesticide free, fresher, better for the environment, no growth hormones, no synthetic chemicals, richer nutrient content, GMO-free, and much more will help you to expand your brand several folds.

All Sonic’s organic products possess USDA organic certification – NOP National Organic Program and Indian Organic – NPOP (National Program for Organic Production). Soon we are going to get ONECERT Organic Certification for Europe.

Our organic project at the tribal area is aimed at achieving enhanced crop productivity, sustainable farming, and farmer’s welfare for 5000 farmers, having 10000 acres of land with a yield of 5000 MT of organic soybeans which are rising every year.

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