Organic Full Fat Soya Grits

Organic Full Fat Soya Grits is obtained by using the best quality soyabean seeds as raw material. Soyabeans go through many processes as cleaning, conditioning, de-stoning, de-hulling and cracking, and finally the process of grinding to get off-white to light yellowish coloured uniform sized full fat soya grits. The entire process is performed under strict process parameters to retain the activity of natural enzyme like lipoxygenase, which is responsible for bleaching to improve the whiteness of finished products.

Functional/Nutritional Properties :

  • Rich source of soya proteins & soya oil
  • Excellent source of soya lecithin, tocopherol, minerals, isoflavones etc.
  • Good source of dietary fibre
  • Highly digestive and adulteration-free
  • Good shelf-life & oxidative stability
  • Due to varying degrees of heating, antineutrients are inactivated achieving full release of nutrients.
  • Boost the nutritional content and texture of baked goods
  • Good source of protein and fibre with gluten free and suitable for vegan population.

Applications :

  • Basic raw material for manufacturing soya tofu
  • Basic raw material for manufacturing soya milk
  • Used in manufacturing of Dietetic food, baked goods,
  • Used in food supplements for elderly people, children and expectant mothers
  • Used in confectionery and bakery products
  • Used in manufacturing soya sauce
  • Used in fortication of cereals, solids in bakery products and all purpose food blends due to high proteins.

Technical Information :

  • Protein: Min. 38%
  • Fat: Min. 18%
  • Fibre: Max. 3.5%
  • Moisture: Max. 8%
  • Sand/Silica : Max. 0.3%

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