Lecithin – Overview Information

Lecithin is a body-essential yellow-brownish fatty substance in animals & plants, great in powering human beings. Lecithin, as a food supplement, is immensely aiding in memory functions, cardiovascular health issues, and body-growth.

It is a food additive, sourced organically from soy or sunflower seeds. Whether you put lecithin as emulsifiers in processed products or release agents in production, our entire range of organic soya lecithins and sunflower lecithins products will satisfy all your needs.

Lecithin Categories

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You get completely unadulterated lecithin as we believe in completely safe and healthy extraction and processing. We source all soy lecithin from 100% Non-GMO soybean. With our in-house facility and best-in-class technology, we ensure to treat your soy protein and lecithin products creating the ideal surroundings.

Our approach enables us to keep the great nutritional value and consistent high-quality for all your soy lecithins. You get the real dietary value with our JEM soya lecithin, making them the most suited for your organic or meat ingredient applications.

Applications & Usage

Lecithin has a wide variety of applications, from food products to medicines. Consuming lecithin as a personal health supplement also aids well. It has widespread usage across food, feed, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. In its natural form, it is most commonly used as:

  • Emulsifier
  • Softener
  • Stabilizer
  • Wetting Agent
  • Blending Aid
  • Dispersing Agent
  • Neutral Flavor and Color (except for fluid lecithin)
  • Shelf life Extender

Soya lecithin availability in a multitude of forms such as powder, granule, and fluid, makes it suitable to employ in any industrial application. Some industries even fractionate, hydrolyze, acetylate and hydroxylate these soya lecithins for some particular industrial applications.

Lecithin in Foods

Lecithin is a food emulsifier used in stabilizing assorted food items such as confectionaries, baked foods, instant foods, processed milk products, and other edibles.

Lecithin as Health Supplements

Lecithin is a prevalent and beneficial health supplement, aiding in the prevention and treatment of a lot of common health issues such as memory, growth, and cholesterol problems.

Lecithin in Pharmaceuticals

Choline, the main chemical component found in Lecithin, is essential in keeping our cell membranes supple enough to let them absorb in the necessary nutrients. Lecithin functions as a resorption enhancer, solubilizer, and drug toxicity reducer.

Lecithin in Cosmetics

The capacity of keeping anything moisturized makes it the most suitable element for adding in cosmetic items to keep them at a specific moisture level for more extended periods. It is considered as an excellent additive for a variety of skincare products.

Lecithin in Animal Feeds

The metabolism-regulating properties in lecithin make it suitable to be added to animal feeds. The fatty acid sources and choline supplements help in the metabolism of essential fatty acids.

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