JEM Quick Tofu

A product which provides a simple and faster way of making Soya Milk and Soya Tofu, JEM Quick Tofu is made from selected food-grade soyabean varieties. The fresh soyabeans are mechanically processed into clean, de-hulled, low moisture and thin; unique JEM Quick Tofu where the nutritional components native to soyabeans are retained. It is environment friendly, low in total cost, simple to process, saves capital and labour resources, time, energy and generates less waste, resulting in greater return on investment, little or no waste water and lower total production cost, while being easy and convenient to use.

Functional/Nutritional Properties:

  • No need to wash / clean JEM Quick Tofu hence, no water is required for cleaning. In case of using whole soyabean seeds, minimum 10 liters of water is required on every 1 kg of soyabean seeds for cleaning and soaking process but in the case of JEM Quick Tofu only 3 litres of water/kg is required for soaking. Waste water is not generated leading to considerable savings in waste water treatment costs and also saves extra labour cost.
  • Thin structure of JEM Quick Tofu allows for quick and easy soaking, hydration and extraction of soya milk and soya tofu. 1 kg of Jem Quick Tofu yields 8-10 litres of soya milk or 1.75 kg to 2 kg of Soya Tofu
  • Processing time is significantly shorter, (it takes only 60 minutes for hydration to make soyamilk in an atmospheric steam injection cooker) so the time required for making a finished beverage (soyamilk) or tofu can be reduced significantly
  • Its short processing time allows proper and timely production planning. A shorter manufacturing time means better control of the finished product inventory, allowing for quick response to sales trends without keeping
  • It helps minimize lost selling opportunities due to product shortages or worries about disposing of unsold product, saving money as well as resources.
  • It is made by using specific varieties of soyabeans that are produced in specified areas, and strict quality control measures during the storage and distribution process are implemented. In the manufacturing process, the moisture content of soyabeans is maintained all year long, resulting in less variability of beans and guaranteed stable and consistent quality

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