Four world-class plants

One mission Excellence

We, at Sonic Biochem, were early to realise that if we were to leave a global footprint, only technology would help us get there. In our pursuit to deliver world-class standards, we made sure that our infrastructure was at-par with the best in the world. Today, with the hi-tech production facilities at Mandideep, Mandsaur, Pithampur and Pithampur SEZ, we have carved a niche for ourselves as a company with very high quality standards. Our plants are automatised and adhere to strict quality control norms. Right from procurement to production, we have a process-driven culture that ensures the best outcome at all times.

SEZ, Pithampur

The plant produces Fluid, De-oiled, Fractional Lecithin & Phospholipids.

Soya Protein Plant, Mandsaur

The plant produces Soya Protein Concentrate, Texturized Soya Protein and Full Fat Soya Grits.

Soya Crushing Plant, Mandideep

The plant produces Soya Flakes/Flour/Soya Nuggets.

Pithampur Plant

The plant produces Special Bakery Ingredients, Lecithin and Organic Products.

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