The Sonic story dates back to the year 1997, when the founder, mentor and visionary of the group, Late S.K. Matlani, leveraging the inherent potential of MP’s access to high quality soya, began operations as a Soya Extraction Unit with the vision of making a mark for itself as one of the world’s premier Soya Ingredient company. He inculcated, in the company, the need for research and innovation. He would always say, “Give the customer the best and never let him switch.” Sonic Biochem has kept up to the promise in being a company rooted in research, product development, innovation and indigenization, over the years, with the right intent of nourishing the world with nutrition.


Late S.K. Matlani

Late S.K. Matlani was a born entrepreneur hailing from a business family. Well-qualified in economics and banking, Late S.K. Matlani worked in a bank for a few years but soon his entrepreneurial spirit pushed him into business. His creativity and passion for new products has won us several awards from various national and international forums. He used to believe that endeavours in research, development and indigenisation prove their worth in the form of newer and better products to the customer’s satisfaction, which is the foundation of our growth.

Managing Director

Mr. Girish Matlani

A firm believer of the power of persuasion, quality of products & services and people’s strength, Mr. Girish Matlani has increased the width and depth of products and markets. He is driving Sonic Biochem to be amongst the top 5 soya ingredient companies in the world. He believes in the enduring satisfaction of the consumers, people and society and strives to achieve this through producing quality products at the best prices and providing newer & better products through continuous research.

Sonic Biochem Extractions Pvt. Ltd.

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