De-oiled Soya Hipro Flour – Untoasted

De-oiled Soya Hipro Flour – Untoasted is obtained by using the best quality soyabean seeds as raw material. Soyabeans go through many processes as cleaning, conditioning, de-stoning, de-hulling, cracking, flaking, extracting and de-solventizing to get white coloured soya flour. It is a high in protein and low fat product with higher protein dispersibility and is well known for its nutritional values.

Functional/Nutritional Properties:

  • Excellent source of plant protein
  • Provides high content of digestible protein
  • Maintains balance of essential amino acids
  • Excellent source of minerals and fibre
  • Imparts functional characteristics like emulsification & stabilizing, high water absorption in feed formulations
  • Beneficial for overall growth
  • High in calcium and iron
  • Improves feed conversion ratio
  • Improves palatability of feed
  • Economical


  • Shrimp feed, prawn feed, fish feed, poultry feed for broilers and layers, pet foods, big and ruminant feed & cattle feed

Technical Information:

  • Protein: Min. 50%
  • Fat: Max. 1.2%
  • Fibre: Max. 4%
  • Moisture: Max. 10%
  • Sand/Silica: Max. 1%
  • PDI: 70-80

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